Bulletin Board – FYI as of 2018 0616

Camden Lugoff Area Shag Society dances at The Venue on Broad, 7:00pm Thursday nights.  Come one come all, this will be a perfect time to re-up with C.L.A.S.S. if you haven’t already done so!!  Who knows, if you like, you could even become a new member.  Club members receive weekly notes by email so, be sure your email address is in the hands of our Correspondence Secretary.

We have been slack with sharing pictures to be added to the Photo Album page of our website.  So, if you have any pictures  from events that could be added to the nice collection we already have or pictures from events since the 25 Year Anniversary Party please make them available for sharing within the website.  Pictures can be printed (I’ll scan those) or digital files.  Even if they are on your camera or iPhone we can make arrangements to download.