2024 CLASS Membership Form:       

Are you still asking yourself, “Why should I become a member of a Shag Club?” 

Your answer should be “Why not become a member of C.L.A.S.S. today?  

CLASS as most all other shag clubs has adopted the following basic goals as the main ingredient of our charter:

  •  To promote and preserve the heritage of beach music and shag dancing.
  •  To educate and teach others the art and history of shag dancing.
  •  To provide members and guests with dance opportunities.
  •  To inform members of beach music and shag dance activities.
  •  To actively participate with the Association of Shag Clubs (ACSC)

Additionally, as a club member you experience the feeling of belonging to a group that promotes shag dancing, for which you have become an enthusiast, keep up to date with the latest dance steps, and receive weekly C.L.A.S.S. notes by e-mail and phone message reminders of the week’s happenings. The benefits are just unlimited.

Click Here, CLASS-2024-Membership-Form to print a copy of the Renewal/Application form.  A new form must be completed, signed and on file annually for each C.L.A.S.S. member.  (It’s some kind of rule)  Blank forms are generally available on Wednesday nights at Camden Shrine Club.  Once completed and signed the forms can be passed on to a board member.