“The purpose of the Icon Award is to recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions within their own local (Full Member, A.C.S.C.) shag club. Nominees for this award have made significant efforts and contributions to their local shag club & are clearly outstanding members of the shag community. Although some of these nominees may go on to be well known in the shag world (the A.C.S.C. or S.O.S., the C.S.A., the DJ Association, etc.) many of these individuals may not be known outside of their own club. This award has come to be one of the most highly prized awards that a shagger can attain.”

Association of Carolina Shag Clubs (A.C.S.C.) began its Shagging Icon Award recognition in 1995.  Since its inception, this most prestigious award  has gone to two CLASS members: first awarded to Terry McCoy in 2012 and secondly to Linda Rodgers in 2018.  


 Dwayne Baggett, also a member of CLASS, won the award the in 2001 after being nominated by the Fayetteville club.  

This is the most highly prized award that a shagger can attain. It’s only given to five members of the ACSC each year.