C.L.A.S.S. BLAST — Next Blast 20 June 2020

CLASS Shag Blast 2020  Date and place have been announced so make plans now to attend CLASS Shag Blast on June 20, 2020 at the Camden Shrine Club on highway 521 North of Camden. To get the table you want contact Ray Amyette at 803 432-1800 for advance table sales.

The following message from Ray Amyette, CLASS Shag Blast committee chairman,  was extracted from the CLASS Newsletter after:

“When we decide to have a blast, we have a BLAST!!  CLASS Shag Blast is over, but what a huge success.”

    Our CLASS Shag Blast 2019 was unbelievable.  It was one of our best ever. Everything
was just fantastic.  It was a CLASS Party from the word go.  Betsy did a beautiful job on
the decorations.  The Shrine Club never looked better.  Many thanks to all that brought
food.  We fed 231 people and had some food left over.  Many thanks to Suzie for our best
silent auction ever.  Suzie spent many hours collecting and managing the auction.  Our
good friend Dwayne did a great job selling split the pot tickets.  He is indeed the king of
ticket sales.  The dancing started off with Dennis and his vinyl party.  He got the dance
floor hot with his 45’s.  Ray and Keith kept the dance floor full. Then Jimmy and Billy
finished out the night.  I have never seen the dance floor so full all night.  The music was
fantastic.  Another highlight of the night was the Junior Shaggers.  They were fantastic. 
We appreciate Lisa  bringing them.  They are planning to come back next year. 
People came to eat good food, fellowship, party, dance, and have a great time.  Our Club
did not let them down.  It was a FANTASTIC party with CLASS.  The Club can be
proud of a great night.